We Are Alpha Dogs

Changing the way business organizations function is never easy. Changing how people think within those organizations is harder still.

The best thing a revolutionary leader can do is set forth a new vision of how people can work together to improve their individual and collective positions in life.

Just like all new ideas, some will find them foolish and of little value, at least at first. Others will be inspired to make them their own and materially change the organizations to which they belong.

After all, if the whole team does not win, you don’t, either.

Douglas A. Bowers, CPA, MBA

Doug has over forty years’ experience helping closely held businesses grow and deal with complex financial and human problems that come with business growth. It is his feeling that improving the human capital will do more to improve business results than any other
single factor.

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Take the Dog Test to find out whether you’re more like Stan, Jack, Big Dog, Tracy, Ranger, or Scotty? And what about the people you work and live with? Where do you sit at the Oval Table, when your team is making decisions together?


The classic parable of seven Dogs who find themselves profoundly disappointed by their human family, being left home from the family vacation they have always been a part of, and having to take care of themselves. What do they do next?


Bring Doug Bowers in when you are planning to scale your business from $1 million in revenue up to $12 million in revenue, in strategic milestones, so that you can get your teams to work together, create a positive culture, and build a profitable company.

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